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Our revolutionary new product line combines the delicious taste of chocolate with the added benefit of being sugar-free in a smooth, gourmet-level chocolate experience. Our sugar-free chocolate is the perfect solution for diabetics and those with health needs who crave a sweet treat but want to/have to avoid sugar.


We are certified Non-GMO, Vegetarian, and Kosher.


Why sugar-free? Our founder and developer, Bridget Ludy, put her 40+ years of chocolate-making experience into play when she was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago. Knowing that the marketplace was sorely lacking in gourmet-level, sugar-free products, Bridget set about creating a product that fulfills that need.

Our Mission

We believe our product has the potential to disrupt the diabetic food market and revolutionize the way people think about sugar-free solutions. We believe we have the solution that diabetics are looking for!”

Why Hemp Seed?

Some of our products include hemp seed oil in them. After years of research and development, we included this oil in some of our chocolate products due to its health benefits. We are able to do this without sacrificing our gourmet flavor or quality. Hemp seed oil is completely legal in the US and recognized in medical journals for many positive health properties.


Hemp seed holds the DNA of the hemp plant which is important because it holds all of the health benefits of the plant without the THC. It benefits those who are suffering from inflammation, body pain, and neuropathy. In addition, hemp seed oil has been linked to decreasing stress, reducing insomnia, and many other health benefits.


Look for the hemp seed labels on some of our chocolate products to enjoy the world of benefits that hemp seeds can bring!

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